Thursday, 12 March 2020

Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2020 launched!

Our latest Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2020 is up for sale! Thanks to our Consultant editor, Mr K. Sandra Segaran and our technical advisor, Dr Veerinderjeet Singh, our latest Master Tax Guide, updated for all law changes up till 1 February 2020 would be able to assist readers on the following:-

  • Preparation on income tax return 
  • Gives readers a clear understanding of their tax liabilities and entitlements 
  • Helps to understand and mitigate the risk of non-compliance and unnecessary penalty exposure
  • Helps to understand current tax laws and incorporates the latest tax changes made in the 2020 Budget
  • Gives readers an understanding on investment incentives in detail with specific examples. 

Buy your copy today!

Lochana Nanthacumar
Content Management Analyst
Wolters Kluwer Malaysia 

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