Monday, 9 November 2015

New edition of Singapore Employment Act Handbook out soon!

The latest edition of Wolters Kluwer’s Singapore Employment Act (Cap 91) will be available on 25 November 2015!

The handbook includes the following legislation:
  • Employment Act (Cap 91, 2009 Ed)
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Cap 91A, 2009 Ed), and
  • Child Development Co-Savings Act (Cap 38A, 2002 Ed),
as well as the related regulations, rules, orders and notifications.

The 2015 edition incorporates all amendments up to 7 October 2015. Of particular significance is the Employment (Amendment) Act 2015, gazetted on 21 August 2015.

The Employment Act has been amended to implement some operational changes:
  • Sections 77 and 87A have been amended to clarify that employers are not required to provide paid family-related leave (eg paid childcare leave) to employees who are granted voluntary no-pay leave.
  • Section 88 has been amended to clarify that an employee’s entitlement to a paid holiday includes all public holidays declared by the Government such as the SG 50 Public Holiday and polling days.
  • Section 103(1)(g) is amended to allow inspecting officers to take audio recordings for investigation purposes.
  • A new s 106A is introduced to provide for the return to the owner of evidence that is no longer needed for investigations. Where this is not possible (eg where the owner cannot be located or the evidence is an illegal item), such evidence may be reported to the courts so that it can be disposed of properly.
Consequential amendments have been made to the Child Development Co-Savings Act and the Employment, Parental Leave and Other Measures Act 2013.

For the relevant implementation dates of each of the above changes, get a copy of the Singapore Employment Act (Cap 91) now!

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