Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Budget 2016: Lights Out

Saga after saga
Gripping the nation
Budget 2016.

Loud opinions proclaimed
From the irked, the downtrodden
To the coasters, the beneficiaries.

Look at the bigger picture, he says
High-income developed nation status
We must achieve.

Development is important! He trumpets
Road projects! Public transport projects! IT projects!
Show us the money maker projects.

Industrial complexes and centres shall thrive
Agriculture, construction, R&D
We need you to perform.

The ringgit has fallen; fret not
Send in the tourists!
Send out our exports!

Underdogs are not overlooked
Rural areas and SMEs
Fear not, for help is on the way.

Take these tax incentives
Financial assistance and loans
Use it and flourish.

Development must be monitored
All these work to be done
Government operational costs shall increase.

B40 groups – take heed
BR1M still lives; higher minimum wage
Easing your existence.

The emergent M40 group
Only tax reliefs and indirect assistance
For you are better off than B40.

Children, don’t you worry
We care about you so much

But times are hard
We shall tweak the tax laws
To earn extra.

Sacrifices must be made
Dig deep into your pockets
For we must help the nation rise.

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