Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Top 3 Reasons to attend the Wolters Kluwer Malaysian Budget Conference 2018

Let’s face it, budgets come and budgets go. Before a Budget, experts will speculate on what’s going to be announced. On the day itself, there’ll be running commentary on each item announced, whether through traditional media or social media. Post-Budget, the in-depth analysis starts streaming in.

However, at the end of the day, companies have to go beyond just finding out what’s been announced. They have to consider current trends, existing laws and how everything interrelates. Whatever’s announced in Budget 2018 must be put into context.

And that’s where the Wolters Kluwer Malaysian Budget Conference 2018 comes in. Just like the Budget itself, our conference is an annual affair, yet it’s anything but routine. There are plenty of other conferences going on out there, but let me tell you the Top 3 Reasons why you should come to OURS:

1. Extensive coverage: Our conference contains sessions that cover every important topic currently hotly discussed amongst tax professionals. From the broader perspective view of the current economic outlook and Budget 2018 highlights, right down to in-depth discussion of tax and GST audit processes. We look at the latest tax audit trends as well as the ongoing developments of international tax compliance matters.

2. All-inclusive: We get together the best minds from professional practice, the corporate industry AND the academic profession industry to discuss the topics mentioned above. Our priority is to ensure you get quality, substantive discussions from a variety of perspectives and expert viewpoints.

3. Practical and forward-looking: Our conference is focused on practical knowledge, whether it’s finding opportunities, learning how to minimise risk and making every Ringgit count. Look out for tips and tricks as our speakers impart useful guidance on handling the various critical issues that pop up in the tax world.

Just to give you one example, we all know that the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) are constantly looking for ways to boost the government coffers. Naturally, a key approach is to clamp down on non-compliance. As such, tax audits are expected to gain momentum even as we speak.
Fortunately, we’ve made the effort to get the authorities on our side to help us out. Joining us from the IRB in an exclusive session will be Pn Koh Sai Tian, the head of the Large Taxpayers Branch. Together with Soh Lian Seng of KPMG, we expect her to give us valuable insights into how the IRB will go about their audits and their direction. This is one session you cannot afford to miss!

We could go on and on, but if you have never attended this annual event before, you should start now. Get in touch with us now, our Annual Wolters Kluwer Malaysian Budget Conference is an event we are always proud to bring to you, as it is an experience to remember. We hope to catch up with you at this year’s edition!

See you there!

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