Monday, 31 October 2016

Our buzzing SOY Books Promotion

If you haven't heard of our 2017 SOY Books Promotion yet, well don't worry, you still have time. We started on the 17th of October 2016 and we've been motoring along nicely. But what's SOY, you ask? Right, let me give you a bit of background.

SOY stands for start of year. In this instance, our campaign involves Wolters Kluwer books that are expected to be out in the first quarter of 2017. Well, for the first time, we're giving you a chance to pre-order these books early, rather than wait for 2017 to send in your order! AND, since we believe that the end of the year should have a feel good touch to it, we'll throw in a couple of extras! Interested? Read on!

Five of our books are included in this campaign:

The start of the calendar year tends to be a hectic one. Businesses will be kicking off the year with many meetings and plans being drawn out, not to mention company motivational talks for the year ahead. Accountants will be rushing like mad to finalise their year end financial statements and drafting  annual reports. Another reason is due to the long holidays taken at the end of the year by most people, everywhere around the world, which tends to result in work backlog that needs to be caught up on once they're back to work.

Malaysia and Singapore are certainly no exception. As a result, we recognise that you might overlook getting resources you know you actually need, being swamped with work and all. As such, we're giving you some help. What you can do is pre-order any or all of the above books displayed and save yourself some hassle. You'll be glad you moved early, trust me.

Get your order in by 13 November 2016 and we'll throw in 2 complimentary eBooks! Sounds attractive? We thought it would.

So get in touch with your favourite Wolters Kluwer Accounts Manager or buy direct from either our Malaysian online store or our Singapore online store. Take care now, and all the best for the last two months of 2016!

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