Thursday, 16 June 2016

Singapore's internet ban for public officers

Singapore has decided to block internet access from computers used by public officers in an attempt to strengthen cyber security. There are currently 100,000 computers used by public officers and all of them will be affected by the new policy.

To ensure the safety of the Government's IT infrastructure as well as to prevent the spread of all types of malware that might enter the Government's email network, there is a need for strong security interventions. To be clear, the Government clarified that internet terminals will be installed in offices if public officers need to access the web. They can also use their personal devices to connect online.

The Straits Times reported that the announcement has garnered strong reactions from general public, with several describing the move as 'backward' and contradictory of the Smart Nation movement especially considering the fact that Singapore is one of the more wired countries in the world. The policy can be expected to be implemented by May 2017.

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