Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook 2016/17 (35th Edition) launching soon!

The long anticipated 2016 edition of the WK Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook will be available for purchase on 27 May 2016!

The WK Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook is the tax reference book that provides guidance to help its readers understand, apply and comply with today’s complex tax laws and changes.

This book aims to:
  • provide accurate and legally sound information on the Singapore income tax regime, as well as examples, in enhancing your understanding on the principles and fundamentals of the Singapore tax system
  • fulfil your tax compliance requirements in avoiding penalties and tax risks exposure
  • keep you updated on the myriad of changes in tax laws and effectively structure the business to maximise incentive claims and minimise tax liabilities.
Now in its 35th edition, the Singapore Master Tax Guide Handbook 2016/17 is an established publication in the Singapore tax arena as it is all about Singapore income tax laws. This Handbook explains how the law is relevant to individuals, partnerships, corporations and other taxable entities, covering topics such as tax incentives and double taxation.

It not only serves as an ideal reference for students preparing for university, professional and polytechnic tax examinations, but is also suited for use by professionals as a quick reference guide to Singapore tax legislation and practice.

In particular, this edition includes the:
  • latest commentary and examples based on the Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2016
  • double taxation agreements concluded in 2015
  • IRAS e-Tax Guides issued/revised in 2015
  • selected tax judgments passed in 2015
  • 2016 Budget proposals.
All tax changes made since the publication of the previous edition, including changes effected by the 2016 Budget, the recent orders, rules and court rulings issued have been incorporated into this edition.

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