Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Interested in writing for Wolters Kluwer?

Are you passionate about your work and love what you do, to the extent that you wish to pass on your knowledge to others? Are you interested in writing extensive commentary and discussion on tax, accounting or legal matters, to be read and relied on by thousands in the community?

If you are, why not talk to us at Wolters Kluwer? We are constantly on the lookout for experts who can not only bring depth to our existing content, but also to address other potential areas which our customers are looking for help on. Whether its through our sales personnel, or to our company representatives at our events, let us know! If we can establish a market for your proposed content, we will help to make it happen.

For most Wolters Kluwer regulars, whether you're a subscriber of our extensive online content through Intelliconnect, or a regular buyer of our many books, you will know by now the quality of our work and appreciate the time we put in to ensure our content is relevant and useful for our customers, The company alone cannot make this happen. It's thanks to our friends in the commercial industries as well as the professional sector that we are able to continue to bring value to all our customers.

You can be part of this. As we continue to expand, we know there are people out there who would love to contribute to the business community with a longer reach, and are itching to share their thoughts and views on various topics, whether it's tax issues, complicated financial reporting standards or contentious legal areas.

So let us know and we can arrange to meet and discuss! Don't worry if it's your first time writing. Our team of dedicated staff will provide guidance and the necessary editorial work, whilst simultaneously educating you on the production process, and work on bringing it to completion, ensuring it's ready for the waiting masses.

Good luck! We are looking forward to work with you!

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