Monday, 11 January 2016

Master GST in the hospitality industry now!

The hospitality industry can be tricky business where goods and services tax (GST) is concerned. Its easy to think of the industry as one that supplies mainly accommodation and the supply of food and beverages. In fact, there are numerous areas that the treatment of GST needs to cover, from cancellation fees, car jockey fees and royalty payments, and even the provision of foreign singers and dancers!

If you're in the hospitality industry, we at Wolters Kluwer want to help you. We've designed a workshop for you to obtain an excellent understanding of GST in the hospitality industry.

Learn everything you need to know, from the GST treatment of the various types of goods and services, covering not only typical transactions in a services business, but also those unique in the hotel and accommodation premises industry. Identify the specific differences between a full tax invoice and a simplied tax invoice for the hospitality industry, and master the entire GST reporting process.

The workshop, Tackling Practical Issues in GST for the Hospitality Industry, will be held on the 16 February in Kuala Lumpur and 18 February in Penang. Our speaker is the ever popular J Selvarajah, whom is no stranger in the accounting and tax speaker circuit.

This event is another in our series of GST seminars which have proven to be very useful to our customers. Do let us know if there's any particular topic that you would like us to address, we welcome any feedback as we continue to herald in 2016!
Contact your regular Account Manager to sign up, or sign up at our website today!

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