Monday, 7 September 2015

GST - When you just HAVE to be right...

Let’s face it, 6 months down the road since its implementation, uncertainty still reigns with regards to GST. Businesses continue to struggle with their returns, and you might not even notice those errors that you end up making. Nevertheless, compliance must continue.

We at Wolters Kluwer want to help you. We want to make sure you avoid these errors, and minimise your chances of getting hauled up by the authorities for unnecessary mistakes. That’s why we’ve come up with the following workshop:

"Costly GST Mistakes and Practical Ways to Avoid Them"

Sign up now and mark your calendars for this all-important date: 15 October 2015

In this workshop, you will find out the common errors that businesses tend to make when working on their GST compliance procedures. I'm sure a few may be familiar to you but there will almost certainly be plenty that you did not realise or missed!  

This practical workshop will also cover how to establish the proper internal controls to reduce these errors, together with tips and tricks of how to uncover those overlooked risk areas. The workshop will also address the question of what happens when you make these errors, and what corrective action options you can take to respond effectively and efficiently.

Those of you who subscribe to our Malaysia GST Reporter Online will be familiar with our speaker, Bhupinder Singh. He brings with him a wealth of experience in tax spanning more than 30 years. He has spoken at numerous GST events with Wolters Kluwer and is downright passionate in helping others understand GST and all its nuances.

To sign up, feel free to talk to your regular WK Account Manager, or visit our website. Don't forget: 15 October 2015...

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