Monday, 20 July 2015

Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (5th Edition since 2011)!

The long anticipated 5th edition of Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore will be available on 27 July 2015!

Published a full four years after the last edition, this 5th edition has been extensively revised and updated for the latest company law cases as well as significant changes and developments arising from the Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 as at 1 July 2015. In this 5th edition, a new subchapter has been included in Chapter 12 (Conflicts of interest) discussing directors’ duties on taking corporate property, information and opportunities. In addition, a number of new cases have been discussed, particularly in Chapter 14 (Members’ remedies).

Written by experienced academicians for leading tertiary education centres as a corporate law textbook to help students gain understanding on the legal principles relating to company law in Singapore, the book is also very popular among legal and accounting practitioners looking for a quick refresh on the commercial applications of company law. It is an all-in-one working “bible” that provides a comprehensive working knowledge of the sources, application and impact of the complex area of company law in Singapore.

The book focuses on the ordinary events and issues faced by companies and their advisers. The reader is given an overview of the function and structure of companies, the operation of company law, the formation and legal nature of companies and the securities industry. Member’s decision-making, powers, duties and liabilities of directors, reporting and disclosure requirements, share issues, takeovers and winding up are also covered.

Useful features include:
  • Legal principles are discussed using local case law and further clarified via examples and charts, where relevant.
  • Thorough coverage of company law is provided and well-illustrated to facilitate subject-matter research, saving readers a tremendous amount of research time.
  • Case examples are discussed to provide a clearer understanding of the law and its application.
  • The main chapters are complemented with the supplement, which contains problem sets and selected legislative extracts.
  • Augmented with carefully drafted questions, each problem set gives students the opportunity to improve their understanding, interpretation and application of the principles.
  • For ease of reference, extracts of legislation frequently referred to in the main text have been included in this supplement.
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