Friday, 12 June 2015

Malaysia Master GST Guide 2015 2nd edition hot off the press!

The eagerly anticipated second edition of the Malaysia Master GST Guide 2015 is finally here!

As one of the first books in the market to be published post-GST implementation, this book has been extensively revised and updated for the 2nd edition as a result of significant changes and developments to the law, guidelines and announcements that have occurred since the 1st edition was published.

These include fresh commentary with regards to the following laws:

                  ·    GST Regulations 2014
·    GST (Amendment) Regulations 2014
·    GST (Amount of Taxable Supply) Order 2014
·    GST (Relief) Order 2014
·    GST (Review and Appeal) Regulations 2014
·    Price Control and Anti-Profiteering (Mechanism to Determine Unreasonably High Profit) (Net Profit Margin) Regulations 2014
                  ·    Director General’s decisions 2014 and 2015,

Of course, like most of our books, we’ve included value-added material such as tips on planning your GST administration, interpretations of the various ambiguities in the law, and a chockful of examples to enhance your understanding of Malaysian GST.

This book is written by the esteemed duo of Richard Thornton and Thenesh Kanna, tax experts who need no introduction in the Malaysian tax world. Get your copy quick!

To order, existing customers can contact your regular Account Manager. New customers can visit our online store.

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