Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Increase in demand for women technology professionals in Singapore

Based on a report published by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half on 18 June 2015, their survey found that 49% of companies have recruited more women professionals into technology related positions during the last five years.

The major contributor in appointing women professionals in technological roles are the mid-sized firms with between 150 and 499 employees, with 62% of firms increasing the number of women in technology roles. Around 44% of small organisations with around 50 to 150 employees have recruited more women professionals in positions related to technology while 40% of large companies with more than 500 workers have cited an increase in female technology professionals within their ranks.

Local Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers emphasised the need for more women to pursue a course in technology education as it will help them to develop a career in technology related fields. Measures taken to enhance the appointment of women professionals include mentoring sessions, initiatives by government, showcasing of successful female IT leaders and participation in women-only industry groups.

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